There was once an advertisement about a 5 years warranty and free service for a particular brand of car. A line in the ad struck me. “What can happen in 5 years? A new born can already learn to walk jump and even talk properly…”

Children grow up very quickly. And by the time you know it, you will be looking at a slide show of your child’s baby photos in their wedding reception.

If you are a parent and photographer, take pictures of them whenever you can, be it using a professional camera or a camera phone. Right before my daughter was born, I got myself a new full frame camera that cost almost RM10k at that time, just to get the best quality to document her birth and the days after.

My most important photos are of my dotter. photos from the delivery room, full moon, 1st birthday, first time on the beach, first time taking a flight and experiencing a cold rainy spring. Right till her first time competing in her kindergarden’s sports day and her first stage concert performance last weekend. I store these photos in 3 separate locations. And besides that I printed them out and keep them in albums. Even photos from my iPhone, I keep it in different places and print them out.

I have friends who has lost their baby during pregnancy and even the first week she was born. Some children don’t even make it up to 5 years old. If you do remember, there was a father not so long ago, who pleaded and begged on the internet for some one to photoshop a picture of his baby daughter after she passed away. ( (

Get your photos of your children taken professionally. And don’t forget to take some family photos at the same time. But do not volunteer your child for us to photograph for free. As much as we love to, we are full time photographers, we have a family to feed, bills to pay and savings for the rainy days.

I do not normally ask people to do anything, but please get a professional photo of your child taken when they are still young.

And please enjoy the following video to get some encouragement.

Make time for them. They only go through the first 5 years once (although they won’t remember much of it)

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