We are a dedicated bunch of photographers; because over the last 8 years or so, we have been through a lot of scenarios that have made a lot of changes in other people’s lives. Some being weddings and parties. We value the preciousness of a photograph and what it means to our customer, friends, relatives and even to ourself. Sometimes satisfaction and values do not pay the bills. We need your support to keep us going.


This is also one of the main reason, we offer a lot free shoots, discounted shoots, charity shoots, personal projects, etc.(but then, asking for a free shoot for your commercial event is a total different blog post).

Photography has always been a hobby and interest. I pursue it not to make tons money. But since my ex-partner wanted to start up a studio, I gladly agreed because of my interest. I felt that i could explore shooting people, events and products. Previously, I only shoot landscape, macro and toys.

In this blog post, I would like to share 2 experiences that altered my perspective of photography.

The 1st case that will be shared here is from Mr Kevin. This incident took place in 2011.
Mr Kevin is a friend of my ex-partner. One day he called us to do a family shoot for his family. Whom consist of his grandparents, parents, his wife and son, and his brother and wife. The shoot was fairly simple. The setup was crazy as we had to bring all the lighting and backdrop to his house because his grand father was not able to climb stairs. The shoot basically wrapped after an hour or so.
We took our time to edit the photos as it was not urgent (at that time we didn’t have that many jobs and there weren’t any urgent jobs, unlike now). One fine day as we were happily doing our daily routine (scrolling facebook and youtube), I got a call from my partner. He asked me to urgently edit a photo in black and white. Which is Mr Kevin’s grand father. He passed away exactly a week after the photo was taken.
They were grateful that the shoot was done and they had a recent photo of their grand father together with the whole family.

The 2nd case is about Mr Melvin. This incident happened in 2012/2013 period.
Mr Melvin and his wife came up to the studio to get some portraits done. It was maternity themed. The shoot was short and my ex-partner didn’t take a lot of photos of them as the payment was minimum because they only wanted 1 print out.
As the photos are so few, I edited within the same day and passed it to my ex-partner as he was responsible to pass the softcopy and prints to customers. Therefore I closed this case immediately and forgot about it.
A year later, after I left my ex-company, I got a call from this customer. I have no idea who he was as I was only responsible to edit his photos. He wanted the photos and softcopy, he would pay for it. I asked him to contact my ex-partner, but he said my ex-partner was no where to be found. He got my number from the website domain name registry. I tried to help by searching for his photos in my backup hard disk but no promises as it was quite sometime ago. I finally found his photos and remembered how short the shoot was. I sms him immediately and got a shock of my life.

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So where am I going with these 2 cases? Photography is not just about competition, winning awards, getting famous, lighting, composition, expensive cameras, etc. (or even getting to know pretty models and sexy babes)

It is about memories. Memories that can never be bought with any amount of money. Its about the small photo in people’s wallets and purses, the framed photo that on your working desk.

If you are into photography to win award and earn lots of money along the way, there is nothing wrong too. But dear photographers, do remember to create an unforgettable memory for your customers, friends, relatives and yourself.

In this modern world, we are always busy and never free; so do remember a quote “Regret lasts a lifetime”. Spend more time with your loved ones.